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Joint Commission International - Aug 2014

CIMA has set new standards, raising the bar with the re-accreditation, The Joint Commission International (JCI) results are a reflection of who we truly are. Quality, Patient Safety and Excellence are not just slogans or public relations fronts, as they are for some institutions, they are the standards to which we hold ourselves.

JCI accreditation is considered the gold standard in global health care and the author and evaluator of the most rigorous international standards in quality and patient safety



  Latin American Quality Institute - Nov 2013

   Global Quality Certification

   Certifies that Hospital CIMA San Jose, has successfully met the criteria of global standards which provide professionalism and leadership, based on the 40+10 actions, and is therefore, hereby granted the designation of Global Quality Certification. 


Joint Commission International, 2011
Hospital accreditation in health care standards for patient care and organization management

Certifies that Hospital CIMA San Jose, meets all the external evaluation systems and the clear commitment to improve the quality of care, ensure a safe environment and work systematically to achieve a better organization for patients and professionals.
JCI has been working since 1994 with organizations dedicated to healthcare, health ministries and international organizations in over 80 countries, focusing on continuous improvement of patient safety through the practice accreditation, services and educational processes implemented in a sustainable manner in these organizations.
In September 2007 JCI was accredited by the International Society for Quality in Health Services (ISQua), thus the JCI standards, practices and processes become international parameters to measure the performance and accreditation of international organizations.
Since then more than 300 public and private organizations in over 39 countries have been accredited by JCI.


Sociedade Brasileira de Hematologia e Hemoterapia, 2013 
Certificate of Excellence, Blood Bank


Certifies that Hospital CIMA San Jose meets the external quality assurance programs and with this the technical processes related to blood transfusions.

Founded on May 26, 1950, during the 1st Brazilian Congress of hematology and hemotherapy held in Petropolis, Rio de Janeiro; is a private non-profit association, for scientific, social and cultural development, bringing together doctors and other professionals interested in the practice of hematology and Hemotherapy. Affiliated to the Brazilian Medical Association - BMA intended to foster the development, perfection and dissemination of Hematology and Hemotherapy and since 1992, the foundation established a program of external quality assurance, which was first distributed among its members in Brazil, but given the prestige acquired and being accepted by the American Association of Blood Banks, soon was offered to other Latin American countries.

The quality control consists of four blood samples sent every three months. The samples represent a patient to which the technical processes associated with blood transfusion have to be done. These processes are: Blood Typing ABO, determination of Rh (D, E, e, C, c) antigen, Kell phenotype, a study of irregular antibodies, identification of irregular antibodies and Direct Coombs.

The rating received depends on making correct findings in each of the blood samples it is achieved by having 100% correct for the ABO blood group tests, determination of Rh (D, E, e, C, c), Kell phenotype , study of irregular antibodies and Direct Coombs.

BIORAD, 2013 
Quality Assessment Program for Hematology

Certifies that the parameters reported by the Laboratory of Hospital CIMA San Jose, at the end of each cycle of analysis, meet the quality standards (± 2 standard deviations) established worldwide by this company.

BIORAD is dedicated to the manufacture of clinical laboratory products, molecular biology and prestigious research worldwide and specializes in manufacturing quality control materials for all areas of the Laboratory, founded in 1952 in Berkeley, California. This company created the program EQAS (External Quality Assurance Services), which includes quality control in the areas of Hematology, Immunoassay, Blood chemistry, urine chemistry, and Drug Monitoring and Hemoglobin. The Laboratory entered three of these quality control programs: glycosylated hemoglobin, hematology and immunoassay (begins in January 2010).


Ministerio de Salud
Certificate of Accreditation in Quality processes by the National Accreditation Commission

Hospital CIMA San Jose, is the first and only private Hospital to reach the Comprehensive Accreditation Certificate in January 2005 issued by the National Accreditation Commission of the Ministry of Health, according to the external assessment of resources, processes and results of health care and related facilities, in a volunteer and regular type, with the aim of ensuring quality care through the implementation of previously accepted standards, in a process of continuous quality improvement.









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