Our hospital system performs high quality bariatric surgeries. With a highly skilled and knowledgeable team of physicians, dedicated and caring nurses and state of the art medical equipment, we have the potential to provide promising results to our patients. Having Joint Commission International Accreditation standards testifies the continuous effort to comply with the quality indicators followed by the American facilities not only for weight loss surgeries, but for the various patient care services that we provide.

We offer affordable bariatric surgeries at all our facilities located in Monterrey, México; Hermosillo, México; San José, Costa Rica and Brazil. To know more about the procedures we provide, please call our toll free number (866) 540 3382




I would certainly encourage who cannot
afford procedures in the U.S.A. to come
to a CIMA Hospital.

CIMA Hospital was a place feeling like
home. I was very well treated. Everyone
was very helpful and very nice.


My experience at CIMA hospital: very satisfied with everything. Yes, I would recommend a CIMA Hospital.


The CIMA staff took very good care of me whether I was being picked up at my hotel, registering in the Hospital, waiting in my Hospital room.


Reasons to have your surgery done through us:-

1) Quality:- Taking care of human lives requires a high degree of responsibility. Our facilities at CIMA & VITA are designed with this in mind. With a good number of private rooms, we ensure that every patient of ours receives personal attention while their stay is comfortable and their privacy is guarded.


2) Access:- Our hospitals spread across Central America and South America were chosen keeping our patient’s travel conveniences in mind.


3) Medical team:- Our highly skilled physicians and caring nurses will make your experience a one of its kind. English is widely spoken in our facilities by providers so that the patient can communicate easily with them.


Please take a look at the profile of our distinguished bariatric surgeons who have always worked diligently toward health improvement.


     1. Ariel Rivera, MD

     2. Eudocio Flores, MD

     3. Gilberto Ungson, MD

     4. Graciela Cortes, MD

     5. Guillermo Suarez, MD

     6. Jorge Eduardo Esmeral, MD

     7. Marcos Serrato, MD

     8. Miguel Angel Zapata, MD

     9. Raul Chapa, MD

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