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1. What if I need a medical procedure that is not listed on the website?

Because CIMA hospitals are full service hospitals, we perform an extensive array of sophisticated medical procedures and diagnostic tests. However on our website, we have only published the most commonly requested procedures. If you can’t find the procedure you are looking for on our website, please let us know. Your MVT Coordinator will gladly assist you in finding and pricing the procedure you need.  
Please feel free to ask!

2. Why is the cost of medical care significantly lower abroad than in the United States?

The cost of medical care in Latin American countries is lower than the US, because:  

1. Salaries and wages of professionals are far lower than their US counterpart, including physician and nurses. This is due to the lower cost of living.
2. International hospitals and physicians are not burdened by the high costs associated with US malpractice insurance.
3. Paperwork and administrative costs are kept to a minimum. (Unlike in the US, the physician receives payment prior to service, and there are smaller administrative costs related to placing insurance claims and receiving pre-authorizations.)

3. What is included in the Medical Package?

Our Medical Package varies from one surgery to another; however we have identified what the packages generally include:
-    Physician Fees (the entire medical team, surgeon, anesthesiologist, pathologist, etc.)
-    Hospital Fees including, pre-op diagnostic workup(radiology, lab, etc) and operating room (if needed)
-    Hospital stay (private room)
-    All medications in the hospital
-    Prosthesis (if needed)
-    Local ground transportation**

Again, please feel free to ask your MVT coordinator if you have further questions.

** This service is provided to the patient with companion(s) from airport to hotel and hotel to all related medical trips to the hospital for patient with companion(s). Other ground transportation can be arranged by our staff but will have to be individually paid by the patient and/or companion.

4. What Costs are not included in the Medical Package?

* Additional preoperative tests, imaging, assessments that the doctor might consider necessary after the initial evaluation at his/her office.
* Additional procedures
* Blood transfusions
* Medications to take back home
* International phone calls
* Companion meals inside/outside hospital
* Travel expenses for patient & companion
* Local lodging
* Complications and extraordinary related expenses

5. What kind of payments are accepted?

For the prepaid services we accept wire transfer payments, debit and credit cards (Visa, MasterCard and American Express) and checks deposited to our US bank account. CIMA hospitals also accept insurance from many American and International providers, including but not limited to Metlife, BUPA, and Blue Cross Blue Shield International.

To cover any additional expenses inside our hospitals, we accept cash in either dollars and/or the local currency, and credit or debit cards; however no personal or travelers checks are accepted.  We will work with you in the event there are unexpected expenses of any kind; our goal is to provide you with friendly personal care during your stay with us.

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