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6. Do I have to give some deposit of guarantee for any additional cost? When is the payment due?

A deposit will be required at the time of your admission to the hospital, we will ask for a credit card and the amount will be determined by the procedure/treatment you will undergo, and the individual hospitals’ policies.

7. Will I get a refund if physician decides not to perform the scheduled procedure(s)?

If the physician decides not to go through with the procedure and/or treatment due to your actual medical condition and this is discovered at the time of the initial assessment or in the preoperative tests, the amount you prepaid minus the expenses of the preoperative assessment and tests will be deposited back to either your account or will be sent back through your contracting Medical Travel Facilitator. (Be aware that any such cancellations may involve additional charges by your Medical Travel Facilitator, you will have to address these questions with them)

8. What happens if I want to cancel the Agreement?

You can cancel the Agreement at any time prior to payment of the deposit, and have no further responsibility.  
However, if your deposit has already been received and a physician was confirmed, there will be a 25% fee from the total quoted price up to $2,000 USD charged, resulting from the cancellation of all the arrangements.

9. How far in advance are medical procedures scheduled?

Medical Value Travel recommends having everything ready at least 3 weeks in advance.

The scheduled date for surgery is established by:
-    Patient’s schedule and receipt of pre-payment
-    Physician’s schedule
-    Travel availability

The two other main factors that could influence the departure date are the length of time it takes to obtain medical records and whether or not a new passport is needed. There can of course be unexpected events, but these are the most common delays.

10. What happens if I need to reschedule?

Regarding the Medical Fees and Hospital Package, we will have to set a new date according to the availability of the physician and the operating room schedule. A $300 USD fee will apply if Medical Value Travel receives the cancellation notice within a week of the programmed surgery.
Medical Value Travel has different agreements with providers that have different rescheduling policies, we will assist you in rescheduling travel and medical services as needed, but in the event such rescheduling involves additional charges, they will have to be covered by the patient and or companion.  

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