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1. What is included in the Travel Package?

We have agreements with major airlines and hotel groups, therefore our basic Travel Package includes specially discounted lodging and airfare; if you are looking for more specific activities we will be happy to help you, we have agreements available with local tour operators and driver services.

2. Can I opt out of the Travel Package?

Sure, you are free to make your personal travel arrangements.  However we do suggest that you stay at a hotel near the hospital for your own convenience and safety. MVT can provide you with a list of hotels nearby if you would like.

3. What Travel Costs are not covered by the fee?

Tours, additional transportation, food & beverages, tips, local and long distance phone calls.

4. What will I need to take with me?

It is necessary to bring to the Hospital your complete medical records along with a list of the medications you are currently taking and any recent test results that might be relevant for the physician. Also it is important to bring all your documents needed for traveling and the ones required by immigration authorities such as a passport or a visa (if needed). 

5. What happens when I arrive at the airport of destination?

Either the nurse coordinator or someone from the MVT staff will be waiting for you at the airport with a sign containing your name. He or she will take you to the hotel or hospital, depending on your itinerary. All our employees have official identification; please ask to see it if they have not already showed it to you. Do not leave the airport with anyone else. In case you can’t find your local driver, don’t worry, simply call this toll free number using your US cell phone 1(855)782 6253 and our MVT staff will tell you where your driver is located. In an emergency ask the airline/airport information counter to assist you in making the following local calls, if in San Jose Costa Rica call (506) 2208 1500. These agents are bilingual and are very helpful.

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