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6. Is someone required to accompany me?

You are not required to have an accompanying person, unless the physician determines it is necessary based on your condition. Many international patients find it easier to have a companion to assist them after discharge from the hospital especially during the return trip, so we do encourage you to bring a companion.  

7. How do I get a passport?

After January 2007 all American citizens traveling by air to the United States will have to present a US passport.
A passport is an easily recognized travel document authorizing travel and identifying you. You need a passport to enter a foreign country and return to the US. To get a US passport through the government, not commercial passport application agencies contact: http://travel.state.gov/passport/get/first/first_830.html
For those who already have a passport, make a photo copy of the passport, and keep it and the original passport in a safe place. Do not give your passport to anyone outside the hospital.

8. What kind of documents are required for travel?

You will need a current passport issued by your home country. US Citizens do not require tourist visa.

9. How far away are CIMA Hospitals from the major international airports?

Costa Rica is a popular destinations for many US tourists. One reason is their proximity to the US. Because our CIMA hospitals are strategically located in major commercial cities in Central America, there are many nonstop flights available from many major US International Airports.  This is why we say that we are “your safest medical care, close to home” ®.

     CIMA SAN JOSE CIMA Guanacaste 
ATL – Atlanta Hartsfield International   4 hrs  
ORD – Chicago O’Hare International   -  
DFW – Dallas/Fort Worth International   4 hrs  
IAH – Houston’s George Bush Intercontinental         4 hrs   
LAS – Las Vegas McCarran International     -  
LAX – Los Angeles International   6 hrs  
MIA – Miami International    3 hrs  
(JFK / LGA / EWR) New York    5 hrs  
PHX – Phoenix Sky Harbor International   5 hrs     

* Times are an approximate flight time under regular conditions taken from the airline websites, rounded to the nearest hour. The list is not limited to the direct flights available but an overview of several of the closest.

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